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Inclusivity and Creativity in Community Engagement: A PfE Perspective

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We brought together PfE partners, community members, engagement and other professionals from across Scotland for a full day of learning about community engagement through expert speakers, case studies, workshops and networking.

On this page, you’ll find all the information about the agenda, speakers, resources. Simply click on the headings below or scroll through to see the relevant section.


🎟️ 09:30 – 10:00 – Arrival and Check-in
🎤 10:00 – 11:10 – Welcome and Keynote

From Policy to Practice – The Journey to Meaningful Community Engagement

An overview of the policy context to community engagement in planning and how this can be implemented in practice. The session considered case studies from Planning Aid Scotland’s own work on inclusive engagement programmes with communities around the country, and discussed practical ways to approach community engagement, looking at some of the tools and supports that are available.

Presented by Johanna Boyd, Chief Executive at Planning Aid Scotland

☕ 11:10 – 11:25 – Break
💡 11:25 – 12:15 – Setting the Scene: Towards Change

We heard from speakers on two important themes: Inclusivity and Creativity.

Insights into Equity Diversity and Inclusion in Active Travel: Scottish and Global insights

Presented by: Rachel Goater (Engagement Manager, Sustrans) and Katherine Henebry (Senior Grant Advisor, Sustrans)

Re-designing the Future for Everyone – A Creative Approach: Learn about the value of small-scale public engagement that accesses a wide cross-section of the community, drawing on creative approaches that engender discussion and build community.

Presented by: Nichol Wheatley (Curator, Stockingfield Bridge, Glasgow), Louise Nolan and Ruth Impey (Artists, Make It Glasgow).

🍽️ 12:15 – 13:15 – Lunch
🎤 13:15 – 14:30 – The Changemakers
  1. Inclusive Community Engagement – The View from the Community

This panel session showcased three organisations (Bike for Good, Disability Equality Scotland and SCOREscotland) who’ve made practical strides towards creating an inclusive community through engagement in active travel.

2. Unleashing Community Creativity

In this panel session, these organisations (The Causey Development Trust, The Leven Programme and Sustrans Artroots and Tragic O’Hara) discussed how community engagement helped them to take a creative role in developing active travel and community spaces.

☕ 14:30 – 14:45 – Break
💡 14:45 – 15:55 – Workshops

Apply the day’s learnings and see them in action. These workshops provided attendees with practical takeaways.

Workshop 1: Young People and Engagement

A Place in Childhood recently undertook an important research piece on Teenagers and Public Space in Scotland, on behalf of Sustrans. The results have significant value across our sector both in terms of understanding the place-based interventions that best serve this age group, and the methods for meaningful and intergenerational dialogue on their needs as part of any engagement. In this experiential workshop, APiC shared what they found, and explored ways of enabling the effective participation of teenagers in your projects.

Workshop 2: Playing with Co-Design Methods

Delivered by Sustrans’ Co-Design Team, this practical workshop covered the principles of co-design.

Workshop 3: Dealing with Difficult Situations – A Practical Approach

Room: Macphail Room

Delivered by Hannah Taylor, Sustrans’ Network Development Manager (Engagement), in this interactive workshop we learnt how to deal with challenging situations in a community engagement setting using discussion and role play.

🎤 16:00 – 16:45 – Closing Plenary: Transforming the City: The Ecology of the Inclusive City – Feminist Planning, A Case in Point

An introduction to the importance of inclusive cities through the lens of a feminist approach. Set in the context of transforming cities to be more equitable and accessible for all.

Presented by: Councillor Holly Bruce, Scottish Green Party

Speaker Bios

Read all about the speakers in our compiled list of speaker bios:


Access key resources from the event:

Engage • Inspire • Learn PfE

Designing with Children and Young People

Event video: Catch up on the highlights of the day

Welcome to our event! On this page you’ll find all the information about the agenda, speakers, and resources. Simply click on the headings below or scroll through to see the relevant section.


See below for the agenda.

🎟️ 9:30 – 10:00 – Check in and Arrival

Collect your badge and enjoy breakfast bites, teas, and coffees.

🎤 10:00 – 11:00 – Welcome and keynote

Room: Proclaim

Why does creating for and with young people matter? Karen McGregor, Director of Sustrans Scotland, opens the day with welcoming remarks. Afterwards, hear from colleagues in Orkney Islands Council discuss the creation of the intergenerational Papdale Park.

Presented by: Garry Burton (Ornney Islands Council), Michael Harvey (Sustrans embedded officer at Orkney Islands Council), and Liz Leech (HarrisonStevens)

11:00 – 11:15 – Coffee Break
💡 11:15 – 12:35 – Spotlight Sessions

In this morning block, you’ll have the opportunity to attend two case studies. The sticker on your badge lets you know which room to go to first. There is a 10 minute comfort break in between sessions.

Connecting Woodside – Garscube Road
Room: Proclaim
🚲Bike Group – 11:15-11:50
👟Walking Group – 12:00-12:35

Connecting Woodside is an ambitious area-based project forming a key component of Glasgow’s proposed city-wide cycle network. Glasgow City Council have recently completed Phase 1 of the project, a 1km bi-directional, segregated cycle route on the A81, Garscube Road. The Council, through a number of community engagement events and focus groups undertaken with disability groups, developed a fully inclusive design that prioritised those walking and cycling.

Presented by: Aidan O’Meara, Assistant Group Manager, Glasgow City Council and Malcolm Hall, Engineering Officer, Glasgow City Council

Engagement Techniques in Kilbarchan Pocket Place
Room: Aspire

👟Walking Group – 11:15-11:50
🚲Bike Group – 12:00-12:35

Activate your senses and let a charming pig on a scooter bring a smile to your day. Join us to hear about how between June 2019 and June 2020, we co-designed and trialled changes to the street outside a school in Renfrewshire. The project aimed to encourage walking and wheeling through the creation of a safer and more pleasant urban environment.

Presented by: Christina Eley, Delivery Coordinator, Education and Young People

🍽️ 12:35 – 13:20 – LUNCH
💡 13:20 – 16:00 – Afternoon Workshops

Apply this morning’s learnings and take a deep dive into the Designing with Children and Young People toolkit. You will stay in the same groups as this morning (check your sticker).

How to apply child-friendly design in School Streets

Room: Proclaim
🚲Bike Group -13:20 – 14:35
👟Walking Group – 14:45 – 16:00

Let’s put the 12 dimensions of child-friendly design into action! Facilitated by the Sustrans design team, this workshop invites participants to think like a designer and consider the needs of a school street from a child’s perspective. Using the dimensions of child-friendly design from the toolkit, you will apply these to a real-life scenario.

Presented by: Paul Ruffles, Principal Urban Designer, Sustrans and Leti Valle, Urban Designer, Sustrans

Codesigning places with Children and Young People: Why, How and When?

Room: Aspire
👟Walking Group: 13:20 – 14:35
🚲Bike Group: 14:45 – 16:00

The goal for this session is for you to gain a sense of what good engagement in place-based projects looks like from the perspective of children and young people. We will work with you to reflect upon:

  • Why engagement with children and young people is important;
  • Why different ages and settings require different approaches;
  • What ‘good’ looks like in your own and others practice, and how to measure success;
  • How to align the Places for Everyone toolkit with the process and outcomes of engagement; and
  • Fears and prejudices towards meaningful engagement of children and young people, and strategies to overcome them.

Presented by: A Place in Childhood; Dr. Jamie Hamilton and Dr. Jenny Wood

🌇 16:00 – Closing and Final Remarks

Reflect on the day’s learnings and share your takeaways from the day. Guests are welcome to stay back for some post-event networking.

Speaker Bios

Read all about today’s speakers in our compiled list of speaker bios:


Access key resources from today’s event: