Research and Monitoring

Sustrans’ Research and Monitoring Unit (RMU) specialise in active travel, making the case for walking, wheeling and cycling by using robust evidence and showing what can be done.

We are funded in part by the Scottish Government through Transport Scotland.

Work with our RMU team

For over 15 years we have pioneered the development of monitoring, evaluation and appraisal techniques for active travel

Our team of over 30 researchers, analysts and evaluation specialists work closely with partners from across the UK to ensure we have a clear understanding of the impact of Sustrans work and the wider context of the benefits of active travel.

We provide best practice guidance and training, including support with implementation

The work we do

Decision-makers require evidence to assess the potential reach, effectiveness and value of proposed solutions.

Our monitoring and evaluation frameworks help you understand the outcomes of your programmes alongside what is and isn’t working so that you can make the best use of available funds and resources.

We offer a comprehensive service in evaluating interventions designed to increase active travel. Our extensive experience of monitoring walking and cycling enabling programmes positions us as a leader in this field.

Our evaluations utilise a five-step process:

1. Developing evaluation frameworks
2. Logic mapping
3. Quantitative and qualitative data capture
4. Analysing the results
5. Reporting

We design, deliver and inform research projects in partnership with academics across the UK

Examples of our work

Publication of Spaces for People reports

The findings of a comprehensive analysis of the temporary active travel fund, Spaces for People, have been published by Sustrans’ Research and Monitoring Unit.

Places for Everyone 2021-22 report released

Findings from the 2021-22 evaluation of Places for Everyone have now been published and are available to the public.

Enabling independent travel for young people

Research from Sustrans and A Place In Childhood places the spotlight on the importance of designing the built environment for and with young people.

Places for Everyone 2022-23 annual impact report released

The 2022-23 Places for Everyone impact report has been published, shedding light on the successes of the programme for active travel across Scotland.

Analysis shows increase in active travel after project delivery

A comprehensive evaluation of the Places for Everyone programme up to the 20/21 funding year has been conducted by Sustrans’ Research and Monitoring Unit.

We use a range of tools to assess the potential reach, effectiveness and value of proposed solutions

Contact the team

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