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The Engage • Inspire • Learn training and events programme aims to increase Places for Everyone partners’ knowledge, confidence and capability through upskilling and inspiring events.

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Strengthening Social Connections

By Design Constructive Conversations – 19 March 2024. This session focused on strengthening social connections by design. How does the design of our streets and public spaces foster, or discourage social connections? Do benches reduce social isolation and enhance wellbeing? and does more social connection within a community mean higher resilience? Our expert panel spent…

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Integrating Climate Adaptations

By Design Constructive Conversations (20 December 2023). What challenges does our changing climate bring to our public places? What adaptation measures exist that we can use to future proof infrastructure developments against the impacts of our changing climate? Our panel discussed these questions and more around how urban design elements can integrate innovative solutions into…

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Active Travel in Europe

In this event series, we hear from four keynote speakers, representing Copenhagenize Design Co., GRACQ, European Cyclists Federation and Changing Cities. Catch up on the recordings to find out about these organisations’ active travel measures and strategies.

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Greening our Towns

I think that I shall never see, A poem lovely as a tree.Joyce Kilmer 1888-1918 Places for Everyone encourages the creation of green space as part of walking, wheeling and cycling projects. This article looks at the benefits of including plants and trees in your infrastructure project and how Places for Everyone can supporting greening.…

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Inclusive Design Webinar Series

As part of our support for local authorities and other bodies to deliver high quality infrastructure that is accessible for all, Sustrans Scotland are hosting a series of online workshop on inclusive design. We have invited people with lived experience from around Scotland to help Sustrans and our partners understand how we can improve our…

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Monitoring active travel infrastructure during Covid-19

Monitoring and evaluating the impact of Spaces for People projects is more important than ever before due to the limited opportunity for engagement on temporary emergency measures that are being introduced. Sustrans’ Martin Laban, Evaluation Manager for the Research and Monitoring Unit outlines the principles of monitoring and evaluation techniques in relation to Spaces for People.

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Access for all – designing inclusive spaces

https://youtu.be/IrQ0frPWk88 Inclusivity in Infrastructure Temporary measures introduced through Spaces for People are designed to protect public health and facilitate essential journeys for all groups, including those with additional support and mobility needs. In support of this, Sustrans are working closely with local authorities to ensure that people with disabilities and other affected groups are considered…

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