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Integrating Climate Adaptations

By Design Constructive Conversations (20 December 2023).

What challenges does our changing climate bring to our public places? What adaptation measures exist that we can use to future proof infrastructure developments against the impacts of our changing climate? Our panel discussed these questions and more around how urban design elements can integrate innovative solutions into walking, wheeling, cycling, and public spaces design.

Following watching the recording you may find it useful to take a few minutes to reflect on the discussion.

  • What is still circling around in your head on this topic?
  • What do you feel is ‘squared away’ – you feel you have a much clearer understanding of?
  • What key takeaways or highlights do you have from the discussion?

Below are contact details for some of our panelists if you wish to contact them directly, and some links to further information relating to this topic that you may find useful.

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Further Information

See below for some links to further information and projects mentioned by the panelists. Some of our panelists have also kindly provided contact details if you would like to get in touch with them about their work in this area: 

Useful Links

See below for some links to further information and projects mentioned by the panelists.

  • The Papdale East Playpark project Janette talked about is a fantastic project, solving problems with flooding as well as providing a space for the community to come together to play and connect and travel actively through what was a previously waterlogged location.
  • Adaptation Scotland provides a range of advice and resources for anyone interested in integrating climate adaptation and climate resilience in their projects.
  • NatureScot is another Scotland-based resource for information on how climate measures can increase biodiversity through strategic use of green and blue infrastructure.
  • Community Climate Adaptation Routemap touches upon a lot of the things discussed.
  • Climate Ready Clyde’s Climate Vulnerability Map is a great example of drawing together heat, flood risk and multiple deprivation index data to inform decisions.
  • Guide to Climate Change Adaptation by Design looks at specific ideas and case studies across household to street to neighborhood to catchment scales.

Specific projects mentioned and other useful links include:

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