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Key Learnings from the Spaces for People Reports

Following on from the publication of the recent Spaces for People reports, Sustrans Research and Monitoring Unit held an online discussion with partners about the successes and limitations of the programme.

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The Spaces for People programme evaluation is split across three primary documents: an evaluation report, an equalities study and a lessons learned document.

Spaces for People Programme Evaluation Report

The Evaluation Report provides key insights into the data that was used to evaluate the impact of the programme.

This includes results from public perception surveys, counts of users at project locations, vehicle speed data, video interaction footage, and spatial analyses.

This data was combined and used to assess the extent to which the programme achieved its outcomes.

Spaces for People Equalities Report

The Equalities Report aimed to better understand how the programme impacted different demographic groups. This report draws on attitudinal surveys and other data from across Scotland to better understand the impact of Spaces for People interventions with regard to the following categories: Disability, Age, Gender, Deprivation.

Spaces for People Lessons Learned Report

The Lessons Learned report provides an opportunity to learn from the rollout of temporary active travel infrastructure on a large scale in Scotland. These lessons are relevant for both Sustrans and partners delivering active travel infrastructure.

Easy read versions are available for each of the reports. British Sign Language versions are also available upon request.