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Eliza Street in focus as Dundee community’s vision for the future revealed 


A community group has helped to develop a concept design which aims to make a street in Dundee a more attractive and accessible place to spend time in and travel through.

An image from the concept design, showing how Eliza Street could look.
An image from the concept design, showing how Eliza Street could look. Credit: Sustrans

Over a period of seven months, Stobswell Forum worked in partnership with Sustrans Scotland and Dundee City Council to understand what improvements residents, business owners, school pupils and community groups would like to make to Eliza Street. 

The result is a concept design which can now be taken forward to detailed design and construction stages by Dundee City Council. 

The concept design, which was revealed at an event in March 2024, is the latest stage of the ongoing regeneration of Stobswell, and builds on the project partners’ work in nearby streets, including the Craigie Street Pocket Park.

How was the concept design developed?

Using a collaborative design process, the local community were involved in each stage of the project; telling the project partners what they would like to see, developing ideas and giving feedback and suggestions on the draft concept design. 

Throughout a series of in-person engagement events and workshops and via online surveys, residents emphasised the importance of bringing colour and art to the area. 

Three artwork panels are shown on display outside of Stobswell Parish Church.
Local artists Cara Rooney and Lauren Morsley were commissioned to create art panels for Eliza Street. Credit: Graeme McKenzie

The project partners commissioned local artists Cara Rooney and Lauren Morsley to deliver workshops and create art panels for Eliza Street. Cara and Lauren facilitated workshops with Clepington Primary, Morgan Academy and Dundee International Woman’s Centre to get ideas and inspiration.

The purpose of the panels was to explore and celebrate the sense of place, the history and the people of Stobswell. The brilliant set of art panels have been manufactured and installed by Barry from Robertsign, and were revealed at an event in March.

What else is included in the concept design?

  • In response to the community’s call for more greenery, the design includes planting more trees as well as installing rain gardens, in keeping with other streets in Stobswell. 
  • Access to the street will be restricted by bollards to ensure only authorised vehicles can access the central public realm. 
  • It has been recommended that seating that has back and arm rests, as well as wheelchair and pushchair friendly picnic tables and hedges and shrubs by the seating area to provide a wind barrier, should be provided. 
  • Inspired by Langlands Street, a colourful and creative bin enclosure is proposed around the communal bins. This is in addition to the provision of more bins to reduce littering. 
  • Elsewhere, the design proposes that cobbles are reused to complement the heritage of the area, and that two shuffle pole lighting columns be installed to improve the lighting on the street. 

What happens next?

Now that the concept design has been revealed, the next stage of the Eliza Street project will be undertaken by Dundee City Council. The detailed design stage builds on the concept design by developing the designs to a technical level, ensuring the project can be built safely and effectively. 

The delivery of future stages is dependent on funding.

Six people are shown in front of art panels on display outside Stobswell Parish Church.
Colleagues from Sustrans and Dundee City Council joined artists Cara Rooney and Lauren Morsley at the launch event. Credit: Graeme McKenzie

Chair of Stobswell Forum Colin Clement welcomed the concept design and said: 

“Everyone at the Forum is really excited to reach the end of the first part of the project which has seen so many positive conversations around the future of Eliza Street. 

“It’s clear that the local people as well as visitors and shoppers want to see a bright and welcoming public space in the heart of the Albert Street shopping area.”

Stobswell Forum Chair Colin Clement

Mollie McCulloch, Community Engagement and Behaviour Change Officer, Co-Design, Sustrans Scotland, added:

“We are pleased to complete the concept design stage of this project, working in partnership with the local community, Stobswell Forum and Dundee City Council to develop the community’s ideas and make Eliza Street a more attractive and exciting place to spend time in. 

“The need to bring more colour to the area came up continually in our conversations with residents, and we’re thrilled that local artists Cara Rooney and Lauren Morsley were able to create art panels that celebrate Stobswell as a place, as well as the people who call it home. 

“We look forward to seeing the community’s vision for Eliza Street become a reality.”

Mollie McCulloch, Sustrans Scotland

Councillor Steven Rome is Fair Work, Economic Growth and Infrastructure convener at Dundee City Council. Cllr Rome said:

“I am delighted that people living locally have played an important role in the development of this pocket park. 

“Their views have helped to shape the final designs and local artists are creating artwork which will brighten the area up. 

“The Eliza Street project is just the latest example of how communities can get involved in transforming their area.”

Cllr Steven Rome, Dundee City Council

Eliza Street Pocket Places is supported by funding from the Scottish Government through Sustrans Scotland’s Pocket Places programme, Dundee City Council’s Maryfield Community Regeneration Fund and District Centre Fund.