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Dundee community at heart of neighbourhood transformation


A community group has helped to enhance an area of Dundee, in partnership with Sustrans Scotland and Dundee City Council.

A community-led design project to transform a busy area of Dundee into a more valuable and attractive space to travel through and spend time in is now complete.

The new benches and gardens that have been installed on Craigie Street in Dundee are shown, alongside a large floor mural.
The permanent pocket park on Craigie Street. Image: Sustrans Scotland

The Stobswell Forum community group has worked in partnership with Sustrans Scotland, Dundee City Council and Scottish Water to design and install permanent enhancements on five routes off Albert Street.

The team effort means there is now better signage and wayfinding links to benefit those living, working and travelling through the district.  

Area brought to life  

Residents and visitors can now enjoy an incredible mural of artist and suffragette Ethel Moorhead by Alloa artist Michael Corr on Langlands Street.

Painted paving, a new bench made from climate-friendly materials and cycle parking have also been installed on the busy route.  

Craigie Street has been transformed through the installation of a permanent pocket park which features rain gardens and new street furniture including a tree planter and a mural by the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research at the University of Dundee.

Rain gardens have also been installed on both Balmore Street and Arthurstone Terrace.

A large mural depicting aritst and suffragette Ethel Moorhead is shown at the entrance to Langlands Street. An adult and child are shown walking down the street in the background of the shot.
A mural of artist and suffragette Ethel Moorhead by Alloa artist Michael Corr has been installed on Langlands Street.

Increased accessibility 

Accessibility for those using the informal crossings on these streets as well as Park Avenue has been improved by the installation of tactile surfaces. 

Craigie Street has been resurfaced, with dropped kerbs installed to increase accessibility.

One person is showing crossing the street at the entrance to Balmore Street. Newly installed gardens are shown in the foreground.
Accessibility for those using Balmore Street is improved by the installation of tactile surfaces.

Putting people at the heart of decisions on local spaces 

Robin Burns, Project Lead, Co-Design, for Sustrans Scotland, said: 

“We are very pleased to see work complete on this exciting project delivered in partnership with the local community, Stobswell Forum, Dundee City Council and Scottish Water.  

“The changes brought about by the local community will enable residents and visitors to the area to travel actively while accessing key services and calm, green and vibrant spaces.

“Seeing these changes happen highlights the value of putting people at the heart of decisions on their local spaces.

“We hope Michael Corr’s mural of Ethel Moorhead will encourage more visitors to Stobswell and that the installations make it safer and easier for more people to walk, wheel and cycle through this dynamic part of the city.” 

A person is shown walking past a newly installed bench at the opposite end of Langlands Street, walking towards the mural.
Langlands Street has been upgraded with painted paving, a new bench made from climate-friendly materials and cycle parking.

Mark Flynn, convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee, said: 

“We have always been keen to ensure that communities across the city are strong and make their own unique contribution to creating a greener city.

“Projects such as this one demonstrate that people in Stobswell feel empowered, safe and proud to live there.” 

Stobswell Forum Chair, Colin Clement, said:  

“The Stobswell Forum see positive physical change to the lived environment as one of the keys to delivering increased wellbeing across the neighbourhood and the Albert Street shopping centre is central to that. 

“Local residents have proven that they want change and the Stobswell Forum working along with our partners are determined to deliver that change for the community.” 

16 people involved in the project are shown standing on the large floor mural on Craigie Street.
Project partners pictured at Craigie Street pocket park in Stobswell, Dundee.