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Sustainable Procurement

Join us on 24th April to discuss embedding sustainable practices in construction of active travel infrastructure.

The Climate Emergency & Infrastructure Constructive Conversations – 24 April 2024

In this session we discussed embedding sustainable procurement practices in construction of active travel infrastructure. What sustainable materials are out there? What should you be considering in terms of cost vs benefit? What should you be asking for from suppliers and contractors you engage to carry out work on your projects?

Our expert panel spent half an hour discussing these questions and more around procurement in the construction industry, and for active travel in particular.

Following watching the recording you may find it useful to take a few minutes to reflect on the discussion.

  • What is still circling around in your head on this topic?
  • What do you feel is ‘squared away’ – you feel you have a much clearer understanding of?
  • What key takeaways or highlights do you have from the discussion?

Feedback Survey

We would appreciate you taking a moment to complete our short feedback survey after you’ve watched the recording.

Further Information

Below are contact details for some of our panelists if you wish to contact them directly, and some links to further information relating to this topic that you may find useful.

Useful Links

Sustainable Procurement Ltd provides services for public and private sector procurers, as well as private and third sector suppliers. Services range from sustainable procurement strategy for clients to innovation in the supply of specific products and services – Sustainable Procurement Limited – Homepage

Sustrans has been working to decarbonise our activities. if you would like to see our Carbon Reduction Plan, you can find it here:

Further information on the Procurement for Innovation approach in Geelong Australia. Procurement for innovation – City of Greater Geelong (

Further information on the National Highways Low Carbon Programme – Four firms reach final stage of low carbon programme – National Highways

Scotland-Excel was mentioned as a procurement specialist for public sector – Scotland Excel | Scotland Excel (

Scottish Collaboration of Transportation Specialists was mentioned as a resource for sharing learning –

LCRIG mentioned by David, has a mission, centred around collaboration, innovation, skills, and a dedicated commitment to decarbonisation in the highways sector, facilitates positive change within the highways community and among our members. We act as a vital link between central and local government, the supply chain, and the wider highways community. LCRIG

The Supplier Development Programme (SDP) was mentioned as a support for smaller suppliers to bid on public sector contracts –Supplier Development Programme | Helping you bid better (

The Procura+ Network has been developed by and for procurers and staff dealing with sustainability and innovation issues in public authorities. There is a fee to join the network, but the website also has a wealth of case studies and resources from across the EU. Procura+ |  Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network (

The Scottish Government Sustainable Procurement duty requires Local Authorities to set out in procurement strategies how they intend to comply with the duty, and to report annually on progress. Sustainable procurement duty – Public sector procurement – ( In addition, there is a set of resources to help local authorities embed this work

 Zero Waste Scotland has developed an online interactive guide to reduce waste, and enhance reuse and recycling, through design and resource efficiency for construction, renovation and demolition, it was developed back in 2016 so some of the targets have shifted, but the same principles would apply.

Phil has provided this example of a trialed low carbon aggregate. Sustrans cannot make any recommendations regarding this material here. If you think it would be suitable for use in a Sustrans funded project you are working on, please discuss this with your grant advisor.

About Constructive conversations

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At each 1 hour session, our expert panel will spend half an hour discussing key questions and more around the chosen topic. Following this, you can take part in an optional small group discussion where you can share your own experiences on the topic, present a related issue in a live project, and receive advice and feedback from peers.

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