Street Design

We empower communities to reimagine their streets and public spaces to make them feel safer, more attractive places to live, work and travel through.

Our street design team work with local communities to develop ideas and designs to improve local neighbourhoods and urban areas. Thanks to Scottish Government funding, through Transport Scotland, we can work in local authorities across Scotland to help remove physical barriers preventing people from walking and cycling more, encourage stronger ties within communities and create bright, positive urban environments.

Street Design in Your Area

In the 2018-19 programme, we were pleased to work with three projects across Scotland:

Battlefield: Creating a Place for People (with Glasgow City Council)

Raploch Street Design Project (with Stirling Council and Community Links PLUS)

Tilly-Wood Street Design Project (with Aberdeen City Council)

Applications for 2029-20 Street Design Projects are now closed. Look out for more information on the successful project that we will be working on over the next year.

For more information about the work of the Street Design Team or to express an interest in future projects, please email the team.