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Engagement video guides: now live

A series of 10-15 minute videos designed to help you deliver more impactful and inclusive engagement as part of your projects.

Over the past year we’ve delivered a number of online workshops designed to help our partners deliver more impactful and inclusive engagement as part of their projects. Now, we’re pleased to offer bite-sized videos of 10-15 minutes on a number of these topics, for you to view and process at your own pace.

Planning engagement for your project

This video provides a practical focus on creating your community engagement strategy and plan of activity. 

Creating a great Stakeholder Map

The stakeholder map forms the foundation for your project and sets the scene for effective community engagement. In this video, we provide tools to increase your confidence in identifing key project stakeholders.

Planning effective communications

An effective communications plan can make or break your project. This video helps you to:

  • assess the communication needs of different stakeholders
  • identify which methods and media are effective depending on the stakeholder and the context
  • learn how to disseminate information, attract participation and generate vibrant conversation.

Integrating behaviour change measures

The video explores behaviour change in the context of active travel projects, covering subjects including:

  • the importance of target audiences
  • relevant theories of behaviour change
  • behaviour change planning and designing activities.