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Enabling Active Travel to Schools Roundtable


This roundtable brought together researchers and practitioners to discuss the enablers and barriers of active travel to schools, including bike buses, walking buses, safer school streets, and community participation.

The panellists explored examples of bike and walking buses across the UK, the rationale and significance behind them, and how local authorities can support bike and walking buses whilst managing risks.

This session was jointly presented by the Engage-Inspire-Learn programme within Places for Everyone as well as the Education & Young People team at Sustrans.

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Useful Resources and Links

Strathclyde Active Mobility Hub Survey: This survey supports the work from our panellists from the University of Strathclyde. Please take a moment to share the impact of their panel contributions on your practice.

• Download the FRideDays Bike Bus Toolkit and explore Sustrans’ support to set up a bike bus in your community

• Watch videos that showcase the work of the FRideDays Bike Bus team for inspiration, starting with Radnor, Ty’n y Wern, or Gwaelod y Garth

• You can get in touch with the Sustrans Bike Bus team at or follow the team’s activites on Twitter/X @fridedaysbb

• Access the Walk to School resources from Living Streets, including resources for Early Years, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools or Universities

• Learn more about the Shawlands Bike Bus and the coverage of their award-winning traffic calming technology in The Guardian


Katherine Cory – Founder, Shawlands Bike Bus, and Associate, Active Travel Mobility Hub, University of Strathclyde

Dr. James Bonner – Research Associate, University of Strathclyde, Active Travel Mobility Hub

Chris Thompson – Programme Manager, Living Streets Scotland

Hamish Belding – Bike Bus Coordinator, FRideDays Bike Bus Team, Sustrans (Wales)