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Accounting for Diverse Accessibility Needs

By Design Constructive Conversations – 21 February 2024.

This session focused on designing for diverse accessibility needs. What prevents people with varying disabilities or mobility needs being able to safely and confidently navigate public spaces? How can design features address these needs and make life easier for everyone – without one interfering with another?

Our expert panel spent half an hour discussing these questions and more around how urban design can ensure that designs are accessible to everyone regardless of their circumstances, and provide spaces where anyone can travel actively, where they live, work or socialise.

Following watching the recording you may find it useful to take a few minutes to reflect on the discussion.

  • What is still circling around in your head on this topic?
  • What do you feel is ‘squared away’ – you feel you have a much clearer understanding of?
  • What key takeaways or highlights do you have from the discussion?

Feedback Survey

We would appreciate you taking a moment to complete our short feedback survey after you’ve watched the recording.

Further Information

Below are contact details for some of our panelists if you wish to contact them directly, and some links to further information relating to this topic that you may find useful.

Useful Links and Resources

Helsinki Guidelines for Implementing Accessibility (in Suomi/Finnish)

Helsinki Guidelines for Implementing Accessibility (in English) City of Helsinki accessibility guidelines for outdoor areas  | Helsinki for all | City of Helsinki

Further links from Helsinki about embedding accessibility in planning and delivery of infrastructure.

Information on the inclusive design reports Robert has been working on, and other reports produced by living streets – the Slips, Trips and Falls report may also be of particular interest. Our Key Reports and Research | Living Streets

Research and recommendations carried out by Sustrans and Transport for All Disabled Citizens’ Inquiry –

Information on Sustrans’ approach to Urban Design, and some examples of our work Urban design and planning –

Find and contact your local access panel. Find your local Access Panel – Disability Equality Scotland Access Panel Network

Information on Access Panels, and what they can bring to your projects. Home – Disability Equality Scotland Access Panel Network

Transport Scotland Inclusive Design guidance – this is in draft form and is under consultation until the 29th March. Guidance on Inclusive Design for Town Centres and Busy Streets | Transport Scotland

About Constructive conversations

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At each 1 hour session, our expert panel will spend half an hour discussing key questions and more around the chosen topic. Following this, you can take part in an optional small group discussion where you can share your own experiences on the topic, present a related issue in a live project, and receive advice and feedback from peers.

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Look out for more series on different topics in future, and if there is a topic you would like to suggest for a series, or a standalone session, please do get in touch with us