Knowledge sharing

Updates on Spaces for People knowledge sharing events highlighting best engagement and delivery practices and engaging discussions with Scottish local authorities.

    Monitoring active travel infrastructure during Covid-19 Sustrans' Martin Laban, Evaluation Manager for the Research and Monitoring Unit outlines the principles of monitoring and evaluation techniquesin relation to Spaces for People.
    The Highland Council - lessons learnt
    In today’s session, Colin Howell and Craig Baxter from The Highland Council share their experiences of implementing Spaces for People temporary infrastructure changes across the region.
    What can we learn from the return to school?
    The majority of children in Scotland have been learning from home since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK in March.
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    Low Traffic Neighbourhoods - an introduction
    Low traffic neighbourhoods (LTN) are when private cars can access local homes and businesses, but can not cross through, reducing traffic volumes.
    Access for all - designing inclusive spaces
    Temporary measures introduced through Spaces for People are designed to protect public health and facilitate essential journeys for all groups, including those with additional support and mobility needs.
    Global temporary infrastructure
    From Bogota to Milan, and Winnipeg to Brighton; all around the world, countries have responded to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic through the installation of temporary infrastructure measures in order to promote effective physical distancing and protect public health.
    Re-imagining public spaces after Covid-19
    As lockdown restrictions are further eased throughout Scotland, we can begin to look beyond the simple but nonetheless effective space reallocation measures that have already been implemented by local authorities, and instead consider how we can re-imagine the design of our public spaces.
    Sustrans' Spaces for People offer
    Continuing with our online discussion and workshops sessions, this week Principal Engineer with Sustrans Paul Cronin guides you through the support we are able to offer local authorities and statutory bodies in relation to the Spaces for People programme.
    Edinburgh's response to Covid-19
    As part of the roll-out of our new temporary infrastructure programme, Spaces for People, Sustrans Scotland is hosting a series of online discussions and workshops in collaboration with local authorities.